Portraits and other photos of people

34 images


Landscape photos go here

41 images


Architectural photos go here (Buildings, construction etc)

18 images

BlackWhite (other)

Usually, the more "Artsy" stuff goes here

22 images

Animals (birds)

Photos of various birds

35 images

Animals (other)

Photos of miscellaneous animals

49 images

Animals (pets)

Photos of pets (Cats, Dogs etc..)

27 images

Animals (Wilda the cat)

Our fluffy cat "Wilda" got her own album.

53 images

Night Shots

Night shots, usually long exposures

13 images


17 images


Flowers and vegetation

20 images


My macro photography

21 images

Misc Stuff

Misc stuff that doesn't fit into any of the other categories

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Trigger Happy (Photo Club )

Photos shot as various assignments in a local photo club.

20 images

Theme Series

If I shoot a series of photos that can be categorized under one common theme, here'a where you'll find them. ("Red cars", or "Whiskey bottles" etc..)

11 images