Architectural photos go here (Buildings, construction etc)
Singapore as seen from the "Flyer" (wheel) (Experimental coloring scheme at work here)  (Singapore 2010) [Shot with: compact cam] If you're interested in architecture, Singapore has a lot to offer.  (Singapore 2010) [Shot with: compact cam] Even the underside of bridges are interesting in Singapore.  (Singapore 2010) [Shot with: compact cam] Singapore financial district offers some interesting views.  (Singapore, 2010) [Shot with: compact cam] Singapore financial district causes some neck stretching..  (Singapore 2010) [Shot with: compact cam]
The German bridge downtown Göteborg.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010) Old abandoned railroad bridge in Jonsered.  (Jonsered, Sweden 2009) Gothia towers hotel. (Some Photoshop trickety applied to make it look cool)  (Göteborg, Sweden 2008) A gloomy rendition of the Notre Dame cathedral.  (Paris, France 2008) The fake version..  (Las Vegas, NV, USA 2008)
A not so unique shot of the famous Brooklyn bridge.  (New York, USA 2008) While most shots like this are shot from Empire State or Reckerfeller plaza, this was actually the view from my hotel in NYC.  (New York, USA 2008) There she is. The famous lady.  (New York, USA 2008) The easily recognizable Chrysler building  looms in the back.  (New York, USA 2008) Fairly familiar view as millions of tourist have witnessed from the Empire State building.  (New York, USA 2008)
The Seattle skyline with the famous Space Needle to the far left.  (Seattle, WA, USA 2008) THe long facade of a building alongside the Ljubljanica river.  (Ljubljana, Slovenia 2007) [Shot with: compact cam] A famous Austrian guy with a mustasche used to stand up there and speak to the crowds below.  (Vienna, Austria 2007) [Shot with: compact cam]