Nice sunset in August (Sillvik, Göteborg).  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) Dramatic sunsets never go out of style.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Capturing the drama of an autumn sunset.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Another fairly dramatic sunset over Gotheburg. Underexposed for more drama.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Fairly "busy" sunset in my home town of Gothenburg. Under exposed shots bring out more drama that the eye saw ;-)  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012)
"God rays" always look cool.  (Isle of Skye, Scotland 2012) Sky is on fire!  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Nice sunset over lake Prespan in the background.  (Ljubojno, Macedonia 2011) Spectacular Sun pillar phenomenon in the Deje woods.  (Deje, Sweden 2010) Magical sunset in the woods  (Deje, Sweden 2010)
Spectacular sunset. (Intentionally underexposed, not too much PS trickery)  (Ljungskile, Sweden 2010) Evening in Smögen  (Smögen, Sweden 2010) Fake pirate cruise-ship sailing in the sunset.  (Gili Islands, Indonesia 2010) [Shot with: compact cam] Magical morning on a boat in Lovina (Bali) (So, yea.. Technically, it isn't a sunset)  (Lovina, Bali 2010) [Shot with: compact cam] Fake Light.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009)
Sun setting calmly over Vancouver.  (Vancouver, Canada 2008) Dramatic sunset down by the "Barken Viking" in Göteborg.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2007)