Trigger Happy (Photo Club )

Photos shot as various assignments in a local photo club.
IMG 9647 CrScRt  Food "as seen in a cookbook" was the theme for this one. The dish is potatoes with salmon and lots of good stuff on top. ;-) Tema Mystik Halloween bild 3 (IMG 9389 2)  Meanwhile on the forest Moon of Värmland... Tema Mystik Halloween bild 1 (IMG 9508 2)  You are terminated... ok, soon.. "Image manipulation" (Alt 1).  LSD Fight. "Image manipulation" (Alt 2).  Captain, we're out of coffee. It's either this place or say hello to Klingon blood wine..
"Contrasts"  Black Cat, White Cat "Shadows" (Silhuette)  Negative space "Patterns & Symmetries" (Alt 1).  Curly stairs meet the eye "Shadows" (Alt 1).  Half way into the dark side. "Shadows" (Alt 2).  Woody is in trouble.
"Reflections" (Alt 6).  Mystery reflection "Reflections" (Alt 1).  "Reflections" (Flowers in sight). "Reflections" (Alt 3).  Water on fire "Installation"  Father and son? "Vintage"  Complicated
"Aging Process" (Alt 3).  VCR or Time Machine? "Aging Process" (Alt5).  The burden of old age... "Midsummer"  Hello there "Frustration" (Alt 2).  Shit happens "Frustration" (Alt 1).  Gaaaaaaah!!