Animals (other)

Photos of miscellaneous animals
That's one cool cat.  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2013) Looks like the Tiger spotted my 100-400mm lens :-)  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2013) Butterfly close up  (Mt Olympos, Greece 2011)  [Shot with: compact cam] Butterfly as spotted in a garden in Singapore.  (Singapore 2010) [Shot with: compact cam] Adorable little cheetah cub.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010)
Mother Cheetah.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Mean looking crested Macaque.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Bored tiger.  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2010) Curious leopard.  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2010) Sleeping beauty.  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2010)
Alert!  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2010) The Alpha .  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Up close & personal.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Tired kitty.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Apple fanboi?  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010)
Barely visible..  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Barely...  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Moose 1.0.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Cute little baby moose.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Say banana.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010)
Hide and eat.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) "I love the smell of pigtail in the morning".  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Raccoon dreamer.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) GoatInGloriousTechnicolor  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2010) Slottsskogen standoff.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2010)
IMG 10507 ScCr  (Jonsered, Sweden 2009) Dalmatian Algyroides lizard.  (Zachyntos, Greece 2009) Cool looking goat.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2009) Snailroad.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Snail into the unknown.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009)
Bone crunching tiger.  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2008) Beautiful Siberian tiger.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2008) Hey there, handsome.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2008) King of the hill.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2008) Bear doing... Nothing..  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2008)
Playful chimp.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2008) Rhino vs log.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2008) Baby moos & mom.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) Male deer hates paparazzi.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) Baby seal waiting for mom.  (Skagen, Denmark 2008)
Baby seal posing.  (Skagen, Denmark 2008) Waiting for the seal of approval.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) Fingers crossed..  (Grand Canyon, AZ, USA 2008) To jump or not to jump...  (Grand Canyon, AZ, USA 2008) Nature's own mop.  (Vancouver, Canada 2008)
Talking to me?  (Vancouver, Canada 2008) Left girrafe: "I said NO."  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2007) [Shot with: compact cam] This fluffy lynx is waiting to be fed.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2007) [Shot with: compact cam] Believe it or not, what these wolfs are waiting for is.. pears.. (yes, the fruit)  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2007) [Shot with: compact cam]