Animals (Wilda the cat)

Our fluffy cat "Wilda" got her own album.
Wilda chillaxing in a comfy place ;-)  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) Wilda, you beautiful white beast ;-)  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) Wilda sees something while chillaxing in the shrubs.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) Wilda, as goog looking as ever :-)  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) Hi there you beautiful fluffy monster.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013)
Lurking in the shadows...  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) It's nice relaxing in the dry grass..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) Hello beauty.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) Twisted reflection...  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) So much fluff...  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013)
Her favorite toy.. Yes, the bathrobe cord..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) Hey there kitty  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Outpost  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Hello love  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Sweet dreams, kitty..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012)
Wilda enjoys the summer  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Wilda assumes her signature position..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Kitty is tired..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Wehn she gives you this look, it's time to stop bugging her. Or you'll need band aid.   (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Wilda, the wild and beautiful..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012)
Wilda, playing on the rug.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Wilda, the Kung Fu Cat  (Home Studio (Göteborg), Sweden 2012) In the darkness..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Cat on a walk on an autumn evening.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Guy with the camera... We meet again...  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011)
Still the beautiful one  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Cat. Sooo sleepy.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Your'e my BEST friend, the drunk cat said..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) No more games, I need rest now  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) That meat..Soooo tempting..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011)
The beautiful one.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Bird spotting.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Vintage cat.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) What's on your mind, little cat?  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) ou plan to do *what* with that shiny knob??  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) [Shot with: Mobile cam]
Grass seems greener on the other side, no?  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) The eye. And the tongue.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Fredagsmys.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Relaxed.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Tired fluffy  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011)
Tension.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Sleeping (HDR) beauty.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Cray light, cozy cat.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Angry birds, sleepy cats..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) [Shot with: Mobile cam] Pretty face.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011)
Attack mode.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Peek.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Wikipedia: "What is cuteness"?  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Who are you?  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) New toy found.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011)
Wilda vs external flash.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010) Cuteness overload.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010) Hello kitty!  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010)