Animals (pets)

Photos of pets (Cats, Dogs etc..)
Brandy, the friendly cat.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) It this light, it's somewhat more obvious why her name is Brandy ;-)  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Wilda and Flisa engaged in a staring contest.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Bring me along, cat says...  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) Black beauty.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010)
Infinite sadness.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Brandy, the black beauty.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010) Chanti relaxing on the rug.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010) Cute Hotel cat - pt1.  (Zachyntos, Greece, 2009) Cute Hotel cat pt-2.  (Zachyntos, Greece 2009)
Cute Hotel cat -pt 3.  (Zachyntos, Greece 2009) Cute (?) Hotel cat -pt 4.  (Zachyntos, Greece 2009) Curious little kitty.  (Zachyntos, Greece 2009) Curious kitte goes tired.  (Zachyntos, Greece 2009) Curious, tired kitty goes cute :p  (Zachyntos, Greece 2009)
Leo the thinker.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Leopard Gecko.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Mette does the "sad puppy".  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Mette, Myran & Fanny.  (Fallhult, Sweden 2008) Fanny and the moose.  (Fallhult, Sweden 2008)
Relaxed.  (Fallhult, Sweden 2008) Choreographed border collies.  (Fallhult, Sweden 2008) Fanny relaxing in the grass.  (Fallhult, Sweden 2008) Leo, the cuddly cat.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Sara the cat.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009)
Sara plans her escape.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Sara the cat, mugshot.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009)