Red Calm. Long exposure with ND filter som moving stuff is a blurred.  (Edshultshall, Orust, Sweden 2014) Dreamy colors. Trying out the ND3.0 filter here. Long exposure causes fluffy clouds here..  (Edshultshall, Orust, Sweden 2014) Nice morning fog captured in early(?) sunlight  (Göteborg, Sweden 2013) Boat returning to harbour.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Sun and fog team up for cool effect.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) [Shot with: Mobile Cam]
Talk to the bear..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Magic mushroom?  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) The force is strong with this one.  (Göteborg (SciFi con), Sweden 2011) (I'm probably gonna get a phone call from Lucas unless I tell you these Star Wars characters are the intelectual property of LucasFilm (TM). Bounty man  (Göteborg (SciFi con), Sweden 2011) Motion (aka "Why isn't this in the Birds category ;-)  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011)
IMG 0357 ScCrFx  (Alcudia (Mallorca), Spain 2011) Creepy kid  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) [Shot with: Mobile cam] Rya  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) The day of the Cortado..  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) [Shot with: Mobile cam] Shadowplay  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011)
Fudge FTW  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) [Shot with: Mobile cam] Good old volvo  (Kungälv, Sweden 2011) [Shot with: Mobile cam] Cinamon buns own, but where's the coffee?  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) [Shot with: Mobile cam] The cold walk (Unnatural blur added :-)  (Deje, Sweden 2010) IMG 6583 ScCrAdj  (Smögen, Sweden 2010)
Nice pair of legs on Kuta Beach.  (Kuta, Bali 2010) [Shot with: compact cam] They had some awsome statues in Bedugul Botanical Garden (Northern Bali).  (Bedugul, Bali 2010) Red  (Marstrand, Sweden 2010) Alien figurine resurrection.  (Home Studio (Göteborg), Sweden 2010) Cozy winter.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010)
Bring the toy boat (Tilt Shift filter applied)  (Deje, Sweden 2009) Lines and directions  (Jonsered, Sweden 2009) Old rusty.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Plastic Aliens.  (Home Studio (Göteborg), Sweden 2009) Frozen leaf.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2009)
Old woody in the evening sun.  (Fallhult, Sweden 2008) That's a genuine "Blue Angel".  (Tacoma, USA 2008) Early focus cut out.  (Home Studio (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) Old chestnut.  (Home Studio (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) It's a fruit!  (Home Studio (Göteborg), Sweden 2008)
Focus on the king!  (Home Studio (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) IMG 2843 ScCrFx  (Paris, France 2008) IMG 2273 ScCrFxEd  (Las Vegas, NV, USA 2008) The replica of an old trading ship, Götheborg.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2007) [Shot with: compact cam] Where are the feet?  (Göteborg, Sweden 2007) [Shot with: compact cam]
Yea, that's a big truck.  (Hafjell, Norway 2007) [Shot with: compact cam]