Animals (birds)

Photos of various birds
Young swan getting comfy in some dried up algae.  (Tarbert, Scotland 2012) The many faces of eeeeviiil.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Free food! Yeeehaa!  (Göteborg, Sweden 2012) Cute as a button, that duckling is.  (Mallorca, Spain 2011) Bunch of cute duckings relaxing in the sun.  (Mallorca, Spain 2011)
A eurasian wren chillin on a rock.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2011) A fieldfare sitting on  some wires.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010) Mirrored flamingo  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Warbird  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010) Crows on ice.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010)
Pengu.  (Borås Zoo, Sweden 2010) Duck enjoying the sunshine  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010) Seagull motion study  (Göteborg, Sweden 2010) The lesser known Jesus-seagull  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Voice of anger.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009)
Jackdaw drama. Pt3.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Pelican going about it's business.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) Peregrine Falcon.  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2008) Two white storks doing their symmetry act.  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2008) The great grey owls are not what they seem to be.  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2008)
Problems aplenty.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2009) Cute duck basking in the sunlight.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2009) Young gull taking the "focus bait".  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) One of those is a statue...  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Jackdaw ripper.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009)
Big gull portrait.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Evil seagull.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Loud!  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Jackdaw mugshot.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009) Smug duck.  (Göteborg, Sweden 2009)
What are we looking at?  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) Don't mess with this penguin.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) Mean looking swan.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2008) Prison break.  (Slottsskogen (Göteborg), Sweden 2010) Gimme a hand, fellas, will you?  (Nordens Ark, Sweden 2010)